About Marina

On a personal level, I don’t assign myself a single or particular label but I do identify as a variety of things; a lifelong learner, an eternal expat, a history nerd, a fashion lover, a ballet fan, a yoga enthusiast, a tea devotee, an adventure seeker, a culture and travel addict, and a wiener dog aficionado. I believe that I am a mix of my life experiences and interests which continue to expand every day and grow with every interaction.

On a professional level I have followed my passion for marketing, social media, content creation, and PR working at exciting companies in New York, Vancouver, and Rio de Janeiro. I have successfully accumulated over 10 years of work experience in a diversity of industries such as fashion, beauty, tech, and hospitality. I also have experience in the areas of influencer/ambassador marketing, digital ads, events and activations, merchandising, and social impact projects.